Next GenSpeakers

Next Gen Speakers represent the very best in leadership of their respective fields. What makes a Next Gen Speaker different is the ability to not only be an expert in their craft, but also be an innovative thinker and action taker who takes pride in providing engaging storytelling and the ability to mentor entrepreneurs in how to make their businesses become "Next Gen."

They are innovators, thought leaders, influencers and mentors. They are Next Gen. Think you have what it takes to be a Next Gen Speaker? Click the links below to apply.

Special guestSpeakers



Keaton Hoskins A.K.A. The Muscle from the reality show Diesel Brothers on Discovery channel. Keaton has STARTED, OWNED AND OPERATED 12 companies. Starting each one from the ground up, and building them to million dollar revenues companies, from gyms to dental offices and even plastic surgery clinics, he owns a very successful nutrition company 1 mission nutrition, and also the big fitness expo Fitcon.

He has always been an entrepreneur and keeps building and acquiring companies as the years go on. Starting with no money, and never taking a loan to build a company Keaton can show most people how to build financial freedom with very little capital.

He is a single father of 2 beautiful girls, he has recently written a book on Divorce and the best route to happiness after divorce for anyone willing to dive deep into self reflection. At 33 years old he has yet to accomplish his goals but is well on his way.



Darin Adams is an award-winning communication and marketing expert who has coached thousands of businesses how to build connections with their audiences.  All success starts with relationships and he has taught people all around the world how to build those relationships through automation.  Now he wants to show you how you can get organized, get customers, and get paid.

You know your business like no one else. The problem is that it’s not enough to just be good at what you do. When a business fails, it’s often because it wasn’t organized to run or grow efficiently.  Thanks to new technology, you can concentrate on your strengths and let new tools help you get organized and take care of the steps that will make you successful.

Next GenSpeakers


Branding Mentor, Coach's Coach & Leadership Speaker

Travis J. Brady is the creator of Next Gen Coaching and his purpose is to help businesses bring out their creative, innovative, and influential genius through their brand to create more influence & income.


of Marketing

Minky Brady is the Queen of Marketing. Her purpose is to help people unveil their Influence, to become influential in their lives and businesses. Rising up as Next Gen leaders in their lives and businesses to create massive influence & income.


Digital Strategist, Website Designer & Entrepreneur Writer

Frank Wazeter is the founder of Wazeter, Inc and Entrepreneur Leadership writer for Entrepreneur.com. He helps business owners become the leaders in their market through digital strategy and story-oriented website development. 



Sam Knickerbocker believes that you are worth being remembered. He specializes in 21st-century Legacy Strategies focused on helping you establish a legacy of meaning.




Executive Coach & Hospitality

Mike is an entrepreneur and an educator. He teaches Leadership and Executive Management courses with the Institute for Professional Excellence at Davenport University in Michigan. He and his wife, Shea, run The Rustic Mitten Camping Co. a travel trailer and camper rental company they started during the pandemic. In the last year, The Rustic Mitten Camping Co. has grown 4x on the sound principals of identity, authenticity, brand consistency, and fulfillment.


Sami & Mandy

Network Marketing Coaches

Sami & Mandy Eskelin are retired celebrity trainers and nutrition experts who, up until a couple years ago, were burnt out and broke. They have a passion for helping others and a vision to impact lives globally. Sami & Mandy earned 6 figures in their first 8 months and built the 3rd fastest growing team globally and have created almost a dozen six figure earners on their team during 2020. This power couple specialize in leadership development and building international teams while striving to improve themselves and mastering their mindpower.



Sales & Leadership Coaching

Deric R. Keller is a coach, businessman, and sales specialist whose compassion, integrity, and work ethic have all earned him the reputation as a service-driven leader. He is also a Warrior Certified Trainer and Decorated Combat Veteran on a lifelong mission to create positive change in people’s personal andprofessional lives by helping them shift their perception. Throughout the course of over a decade, he has garnered extensive experience within the sales industry.Currently, Deric is the Founder and Owner of Battlefield Boardroom, where he imparts people with the true-and-true system they need to become their best version of themselves, as a father/mother, spouse, leader and business person.



Training & Consulting

Camilla is passionate about helping high level business leaders Level Up & Become their Powerful Self by teaching them how to build a solid foundation and structure of their mind - “The Fortress of Their Mind” so they can Transcend Their World and live an Extraordinary life full of Purpose & Passion.She has studied and mastered the art of building a powerful mind, body & soul as well as the evolution of consciousness and all things transcendental! She has truly Transcended the limits of her mind to create high level results for herself and so many people.



Fitness & Real Estate

Shantel is a business owner, international beauty queen, motivational speaker, certified fitness Instructor, development coach, wife, and mom! Shantel is passionate about and believes that the act of self love and acceptance spills over to every area of life, personally and professionally. We waste so much time and energy trying to maintain the façade of who we think we are supposed to be. She teaches that when you let go of that expectation and allow yourself to shine just as you were meant to be, your potential is limitless!



Personal Development Coach

Today, Jefferson Rogers life looks much different than he thought it would. Once surrounded by beer cans and empty souls, Rogers fought his way to a new life. From couch to multimillionaire, Jefferson founded JKR Windows, the fastest growing replacement window company in the world. Today he spends his time deeply focused on his booming business. In just three years, JKR Windows has become a well-oiled door-to-door machine pulling in over $10 million in revenue in 2020. Jefferson is now the proud host of The Jefferson Rogers Podcast and is spending time speaking and in other entrepreneurial pursuits. He is dedicated to helping others find their drive, and light the path for others as he grows into bigger and bigger things.





Brittany Black is the Prime Lending Manager and Mortgage Architect for Kismet Lending. She is truly an expert at her trade while in her element creating authenticity and sovereignty in the mortgage industry and fiercely advocating for consumers through embodied, heart-centered leadership and radical tranparency. She serves on the board of the Utah Association of Mortgage Professionals to empower and educate other mortgage professionals while creating positive movements in the industry, is the Prime Lending Manager for her company, and is raising a family of 5 wonderful children. Brittany is on a mission to revolutionize the mortgage industry and empower consumers to play an educated role in their mortgage.



Financial Education

Daniel is a regular contributor to Forbes.com and is the owner of Quest Education, a company that helps entrepreneurs obtain capital for their companies, pay off high interest debt and make money tax free using a self directed retirement account. Under Daniel's leadership, Quest Education has reached the seven figure mark two years in a row and has customers in all fifty states. His story is unique in the sense he had a daughter when he was 19 years old and overcame an addiction to Oxycontin at 20 years old. Those two life changing moments helped shape Daniel into the man he is today.



Real Estate Investing

Lakina Fulks is an best selling author , a wife, a mother of 6 children. She is a business woman and entrepreneur who has many different businesses. She graduated with her Bachelor’s in Business and a Master’s Degree in Social Justice. She is a Realtor who has sold over 500 homes, She is an Investor and a Real Estate Coach to Women for Investing. She also is an speaker who motivates people to believe in themselves.



Credit Restoration Services

Marcin shows individuals how to fix their credit so they can live freely because he has seen so many people struggle not being able to purchase things that they want, with the experiance he has gained, he is commited to a world where they can repair and maintain excellent credit by providing them the knowledge and tools they need. He is able to utilize reputable affiliates so his clients can rapidly see results.



Health Insurance

Keaton Patey is the "Healthy Health Insurance Guy". Keaton Specializes in Health insurance for small businesses, families and the self employed individuals. He waked up each morning excited to help people protect thier most important assett: Their Health.



Tax Planning & Compliance

Tracy joined Kaizen Tax Group in 2014. During his tenure as a partner in the firm, he and his business partner have grown the firm's revenues by 35-40% year over year in each of the past 6 years. Tracy is highly committed to his clients. One of the key components of paying less tax is finding someone who cares almost as much about your money as you do. Tracy is that guy. He believes that his clients work hard for their income and they deserve to keep as much as legally possible. Tracy loves teaching his clients the many different strategies that they are entitled to inside of the right entity structure. When not in his office, you can find Tracy on the golf course, most of the time with a client or two.